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James Camerons’ ‘Titanic’ Goes On and On and On…and On.

Posted in Fight Club Status with tags , , , on April 11, 2012 by hollywoodclassified

James Cameron may not be the most creative, talented, or respected director in Hollywood but he did an incredible job on Titanic. The amount of dedication and research he put into this film makes it better than any other Titanic movie ever made.

Of course when you look at A Night To Remember and the Titanic with Catherine Zeta-Jones…you see some pretty obvious similarities between these two films and James Camerons’ version. And when I say similarities, I mean scene for scene similar. So…looking back on the Titanic with Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet we see the true meaning of the Titanic…men die first. It’s inevitable. I’m sorry to the male population but blame Cameron not me.

And what better way to further his obsession than with a sequel? Well, not really a sequel of the story he created but more of a Documentary with some of the same people from the 1997 movie. Yes, another 3D film to make Cameron an insane amount of money. And yes, I did contribute to that. And now we have another of his documentaries of the infamous ship but now he’s answering questions like: why are there open windows? Why did it break in half? Why did it sink? What could’ve make his multi billion dollar movie even better?! So I guess it wasn’t a quest for knowledge but more of an investment so he can recreate another Titanic movie. And yes, I recorded this new documentary on TiVo. I haven’t watched it yet.

Although I just tore this movie up, I have to say that seeing it in 3D was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had. I can’t believe 3D can be that good! But it was, I’d definitely see it again just for the effects.
In conclusion, James Cameron has no original ideas, no honest straightforward opinion, and is severely over rated but the amount of time he puts into the visual aspect of his work is something that should be awarded.