‘Dark Shadows’ and Bad Jokes

So, I’m not completely sure what’s up with Johnny Depp and Tim Burton films lately but they have not been up to par. Especially their latest one: Dark Shadows.

The beginning was superb, it explained how this whole curse got started. And after that the movie just gets lame and awkward. I’ve never seen the show from the 70’s but I heard the effects were lame and the show was low-budget. Financially, this movie was maybe better than the show. But, the basis and such? I’m not sure.

Throughout the movie, its not bad but its rarely comical on purpose. Some jokes work and some don’t. The whole two hours is just kind of wasted sitting there.

And the ending was very confusing. I didn’t understand it. It ended the movie on a somewhat good note but I didn’t expect it to end so abruptly and leave so many things unexplained. The witch comes in and takes credit for the family curse but it doesn’t give anymore background than that.

And this is one of those moments in life where I should’ve listened to my mother. She said ‘Let’s see the Avengers’. Mother was right.


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