‘The Avengers’ is the Dream Team!

Please excuse the cheezy headline but this movie really is amazing.

At first I thought that this would be a lame movie, did you see the movie poster? It didn’t seem to have a good flow to successfully combine all the stories into one epic battle. In theory, this movie could not have been this good.

But it was!

This movie was so awesome!

It was packed with comedy and action and the way they introduced the characters on by one so you can see all of their strong skills was perfect. Sometimes the script didn’t make sense, but the only people that would notice would be the die-hard comic book fans who probably still loved the movie as an original piece anyway. Unless they got really mad and began posting hateful comments about it on their blogs…much like the Hunger Games controversy, which was stupid. But that discussion is for another time.

Anyway, back to the greatest super hero movie ever made. Now, my favorite character is Tony Stark because he’s so arrogant and funny, the way he interacts with all the other characters by either undermining them or just blasting them aside is a piece of art. Thor is also a great character because he starts off as a cocky warrior and discovers what he is really meant to be. Each character discovers what they are meant to become and do with their lives, the only issue is that working with each other is a nuclear hazard.

Of course, in the end, they all get along with each other and agree to become a permanent team. Because no one saw that one coming.

My biggest tip if your going to see this movie? STAY TILL AFTER THE CREDITS! And Google the main evil-villain-master person. It will make so much more sense and will leave you begging for the next movie. If they’ll make one.


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