‘Journey 2’ Not Too Much

The Rock is epic.
Michael Caine is a legend.
Josh Hutcherson is a good actor.
Vanessa Hudgens is….there.

And the story?

The story is about this kid (Josh) who wants to find this island and his stepdad (Rock) agrees to go with him. And along the way they pick up people and almost die four or five times, make a miraculous escape despite everything, and everyone lives. The end.

I don’t like to critique kids movies because their supposed to just catch their attention long enough for their parents to get stuff done but this movie was not that bad. It had action, adventure, and it combined knowledge of books which I think will get more kids to read the old books like ‘Treasure Island’ and ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’.

I definitely recommend this for kids to watch, its a really interesting environment that they put the movie in.

Adults will find it … well, they won’t like it. But I think it will get their kids to pick up a book and see how accurate things are. Not that it will happen to every kid but I still recommend this movie.

Just not 3D because 3D sucks.


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