‘J. Edgar’ Or Whatever You Want To Call Him

So this movie is about the career and private life of a man ‘who would do whatever it took to protect his country.’ In other words, he would obtain evidence illegally or if he couldn’t find anything he’d make it up.

Throughout the movie you hear about his life through his eyes as he goes through quite a few ghost writers for his biography. Although the ghost writers only hear of his business life, the audience watches his personal life as well.

But at the end is a minor twist of the truth and how Hoover actually was.

Now I could write pages upon pages of personal dislike for his methods of obtaining information but I don’t have enough time.

Leonardo DiCaprio is a good enough actor when it comes to unusual roles, but this one is just plain weird. Personally, I am not a fan of Hoover…or DiCaprio for that matter. Both seem a bit pretentious to me.

However, if Hoover is an ideal patriot in your eyes. By all means watch this movie. But if you don’t like him; your disdain will only increase.


One Response to “‘J. Edgar’ Or Whatever You Want To Call Him”

  1. Yeah. Hypocrites right ?

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