‘Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol’ … Just MI4…

Ok, let’s get rid of the elephant in the room. Tom Cruise is a bad actor. There. I said it. Moving on.

However, he has amazing talent as a stunt man to compensate for his bad acting.
The story is about saving the world from mass destruction, blah blah blah. Which no one saw coming (sarcasm…extreme sarcasm).

I believe the most popular scene in the movie is when the MI4 team checks into the hotel in Dubai (designed by Giorgio Armani). And Tom Cruise climbs and swings down about eleven stories. From either 103 or 130 stories from the ground. It’s an incredible scene with a great comedian flow to it, combined with the stress from watching it.

But it includes the best parts of a spy movie:
1. Glamor
2. Culture
3. Fast Cars
4. Exciting Location
5. Awesome Spy Gear

Overall, I really enjoyed this movie. Definitely better than the previous films and should be a highlighted project in Tom Cruise’s career.


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