‘Immortals’ Needs To Pull The Plug

Ok. Let’s recap the meaning of the word ‘immortal’.

Immortal: im-mor-tal
1. Living forever
Synonyms: deathless, timeless, indestructible.

And the biggest fact we know of the Grecian Gods is:
They don’t die…because their immortal!

So, why do they die????

They storyline is somewhat strong, its sturdy enough so your not lost among all the characters. But its weak enough for a one-time watch to be enough. The story is about revenge and the will to fight evil. A typical theme to a Greek myth, but the movie includes bedazzled weapons and costumes. And unusual headwear for the gods, (along with only half the gods present in the film).
Looking and thinking back on this movie it wasn’t that bad, but some of the acting could’ve been improved. The costumes could have been tweaked a bit. The parts where they slowed the film down to make the gods more god-like could’ve been cut a bit. Some of the lines didn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Yeah. Basically the movie failed.

But at least it had sparkles.


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