The Iron Lady…Past and Present

The point of this movie is to show Margaret Thatchers’ side of her political decisions that made her the controversial figure she became. Not to continue back and forth with flashbacks and flash forwards to the point of making your head spin.

The point of the film is understood. Margaret Thatcher had a rough start in her political career but rose up to the challenge and became prime minister. And in her later years was slightly confused but is overall capable of making and running her own decisions.

Yeup. That’s it. Pretty straightforward.

Yet, this movie just drags on and feels longer than it should. The director, Phyllida Lloyd, doesn’t have much experience as a director of large films like this one could have been but does an alright job nonetheless.

Principally, this movie could have been so much better. If the director had a classic vision of how a biography like this should be filmed. This movie is about her political career so let it stand for that and only that. If you want the film to be about her as a human being, then you should do a movie like that by itself. I’m not saying to have a Margaret Thatcher series in the theaters, but either do one or the other. Now its more obvious that the political version would do better in theaters than the human interest one so combine them. Fine then. But do it a different way than this film did.


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