‘Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of’ Predictable ‘Shadows’

Robert Downey Jr. Yes, one of the great gods of acting. His latest film, however, isn’t exactly living up to great expectations.

Remember the first film, when the thought process before he kicked the crap out of someone was incredible and made sense? Can you spell: overdone?

By itself the movie is just fine, but as a set with the previous film its a bust. I’d put this sequel alongside Hangover part II, Dead Man’s Chest, and Grease 2. The shelf of the lame movies, where they usually go to collect dust and only be watches during an extreme sugar rush period.

There were so many little annoying things in the movie but the storyline didn’t suck so that’s a plus. It’s not a bad movie, I’m just saying that if your going to see it in theaters, bring good company.


One Response to “‘Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of’ Predictable ‘Shadows’”

  1. So freaking true

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