It Truly Was ‘Anonymous’

Who remembers seeing commercials for this movie? The story of the true genius behind Romeo&Juliet, Henry VII, sonnet #42, and all that other stuff.
This film tells about the life of the ‘true’ author of all the beautiful works, the Earl of Oxford. During a supposed time when creative writing was unholy, but he continued. Throughout his distraught life you can see that his plays reflect exaggerated parts of his life.

Why do I feel that this low-budget, barely advertised film deserves recognition?

Because this film has something I’ve never seen in another modern film. In my opinion anyway. I can’t exactly say what this movie has. But the story doesn’t hide behind a pretty face like Johnny Depp or Ryan Reynolds. There are no impressive castles or sparkling royal jewels to control where you look.

It’s purely about the story of an oppressed man whose only freedom is writing beautiful words. This is his only expression and reflection of a life he desperately wanted but couldn’t have.

His greatest gift and most damning curse was his writings.

This is the most incredible film I’ve seen in my entire life because nothing is hidden. Everything is out in the open.

So watch the movie and tell me I’m wrong. I dare you.


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