New Kid on the Block

This first blog I’m posting is just a deeper introduction of what I’d like to accomplish in my blog.

I don’t want to be another stuffy critic, analyzing the actors and story-lines to death like a dead horse in Marnie. I want to open a new perspective and keep an open mind about actors I don’t like (*cough, hack* Kristin Stewart in Twilight) or themes that have been overused (*cough* zombies taking over the world). Sure there are things we just don’t like, it doesn’t mean that we can be surprised every once in awhile.

So, why not sit down and watch the latest installment of Mission Impossible? Why not compare Oceans’ Eleven with the original Ocean’s Eleven?

Movies let us forget about our lives for a minute or two, and let us fight along with Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean and party with Jay Gatsby.

Why not let me make a career out of it for a bit? 😉


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